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HTML: The Definitive Guide
HTML is changing so fast it's almost impossible to keep up with developments. How do you know what's real, and how do you use it? The third edition of HTML: The Definitive Guide brings it all together for you. It covers HTML, JavaScript, Style sheets, Layers, and all of the features supported by the popular Web browsers. Learn More
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Dynamic HTML: The Definitive Guide
Danny Goodman felt that he couldn't trust any of the documentation on Dynamic HTML (DHTML) that he read (too many contradictions), so he wrote this book as a reference for working with his own clients. After testing tags and techniques on multiple releases of the main browsers, Goodman came up with very practical information--some of which you may not find in any other resource. Learn More
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Dreamweaver 2 Bible
Dreamweaver 2 brings you more control and more flexiblity than ever before. Whether you're creating heavy-action sites packed with sound effects, Shockwave movies, sophisticated animations, or data-driven, interactive sites for e-commerce, you'll find all the information you need to speed construction, smooth maintenance, and power up...Learn More
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XML Bible
XML is revolutionizing Web-site development by making difficult tasks easier and many tasks possible. This thorough tutorial-plus-reference takes you step by step through everything you need to know to put XML to work, from the fundamentals of the XML language to document construction and simple XML-based solutions for specialized markup problems. Learn More
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HTML Goodies
Joe Burns' fast and friendly approach to building a Web site keeps over 300,000 people coming back to his HTML Goodies Web site every month. Now Joe has gone way beyond the Web site with HTML Goodies, the book! Let Joe show you how easy HTML can be. After you've mastered text formatting, creating links, and inserting graphics, HTML Goodies takes you far beyond HTML basics. Learn More
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