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Learning Perl
In this smooth, carefully paced course, a leading Perl trainer teaches you to program in the language that threatens to make C, sed, awk, and the Unix shell obsolete for many tasks. This book is the "official" guide for both formal (classroom) and informal learning. It is fully accessible to the novice programmer. Learn More
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Programming Perl (2nd Edition)
Programming Perl, 2nd Edition, is the authoritative guide to Perl version 5, the scripting utility that has established itself as the programming tool of choice for the World Wide Web, UNIX system administration, and a vast range of other applications. Version 5 of Perl includes object oriented programming facilities. The book is coauthored by Larry Wall, the creator of Perl. Learn More
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Perl Cookbook
The Perl Cookbook is a comprehensive collection of problems, solutions, and practical examples for anyone programming in Perl. Topics range from beginner questions to techniques that even the most experienced Perl programmers can learn from. More than just a collection of tips and tricks, the Perl Cookbook is the long-awaited companion volume to Programming Perl, filled with previously unpublished Perl arcana. Learn More
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Perl and CGI for the World Wide Web
Included on most UNIX platforms and available free of charge for Windows and Macintosh, Perl lets you place forms on your Web site that collect and process user input such as product orders and comments, enable visitors to conduct keyword searches for information on your site, and integrate a database into your site, among many other capabilities. Perl and CGI for the... Learn More
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Mastering Regular Expressions
Regular expressions is a powerful tool for manipulating text and data. In this book, the author leads you through the steps of crafting a regular expression that gets the job done. He examines a variety of tools and uses them in an extensive array of examples, dedicating an entire chapter to Perl. Learn More
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